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Please Note: St. Andrew’s Church is a Registered Historic Building and may not be available of specific dates during the year. Normally, one years notice is required. Priority is given to parishioners who are seeking a date for Marriage at St. Andrew’s.

Church law dictates that the normal place in which a Roman Catholic wedding can take place is the parish in which the bride or groom (or both) currently reside.

Parishioners who wish to celebrate the Rite of Marriage at St. Andrew’s must contact the parish office at 905 844 3303 and complete the Application for Marriage Form which will be sent to them.

Please Note: Couples who do not reside in east Oakville (Kerr St. East to Winston Churchill Blvd. and QEW south to Lake Ontario) but belong to a parish in the Diocese of Hamilton or some other place, must first contact the parish priest where they currently reside to begin the process of making plans for marriage. Only when the parish priest has agreed to assist with preparation for marriage can we consider your request to celebrate your wedding at St. Andrew’s. 

Couples who reside outside the Diocese of Hamilton MUST first contact the parish as special permissions are required from the diocese in which they reside.

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