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Anointing of the sick

Jesus Christ is the healer. Jesus saw the hurting people in his midst and responded to them holistically, both to their bodies and spirits. Healing was a principle sign of the coming of God’s kingdom. Jesus’ healing ministry should be seen in the context of his forgiving sin and his proclamation of God’s kingdom and the need for repentance. Jesus charged his disciples to continue his message and mission.

Today, the sacrament of Anointing the Sick is administered not only to the dying but also to those who are sick; it is administered with the laying on of hands, a biblical symbol of Jesus’ touch and the outpouring of the Spirit of strength, love and forgiveness, together with the anointing with blessed oil. People are encouraged to request the sacrament during serious illness or before a serious operation.

Any parishioner requesting the anointing of the sick is asked to contact the parish. If you are requesting the sacrament in an emergency for a patient in the Oakville-Trafalgar Hospital and the parish is not able to respond immediately, the on-call Catholic priest can be contacted for emergencies through the hospital switchboard.

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