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Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus began in 1882 when Father Michael McGivney of New Haven, Connecticut and a small group of pioneering Catholics founded a society designed to provide much needed security for widows and orphans of Catholic parishioners. Father McGivney’s original idea grew quickly, becoming an order of Catholic men and their families, dedicated to promoting the concepts of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.


Today there are over 1.6 million members in over 10,500 local Councils in Canada, the United States, the Philippines, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Panama, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guam and the Virgin Islands. The Knights stand for a world of good things. Knights of Columbus programs and projects make a difference in every community and country where they are found. If you are a practising Catholic gentleman age 18 or over and wish to learn more, please contact the parish office for further information.

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