First Communion

Receiving “First Communion” is a highlight for a child’s early faith life. From the time that your child was baptized, the journey to the Eucharist began. Children who are seven years of age (or have begun Grade Two) are invited to begin preparation for this special moment in their lives.

The Eucharist is the central act of worship in the liturgical life of the Catholic Church. The celebration of the Mass is the best expression of the church’s worship of God. Eucharist means “thanksgiving”. It is the greatest means Christians have of thanking God for the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ. In receiving Holy Communion, we receive the real presence of Jesus and so enter into an “intimate communion with God”.

In St. Andrews Parish, children prepare for First Communion as a regular part of their faith formation in Grade Two in our local Catholic Schools. Parents and the parish are involved in this preparation through the written and online portals that will be made available during the time of preparation.

Children in public and private schools who would like to celebrate First Communion will be able to register in January 2024

Date for First Communion 2024

May, 11, 2024:   St. Luke and St. Vincent Schools —10:30 am.

May 11, 2024:   Parish Program students —1:00 pm.

Mini Retreat and Practice  (in the church)

May 8, 2024: St. Vincent and St. Luke 7:00PM

May 9, 2024: Parish Program 7:00PM

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Information Session Recap Video Feb 2023