Parish History

St. Andrew’s Parish has a rich parish history. In fact it is a major part of the history of Oakville. It’s history dates back as far as 1835 with missionaries and it’s first Mass being celebrated in October of 1840. Writings indicate the first Mass was either said by Father Eugene O’Reilly or Fr. Eugene McDonell. The Parish initially was under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Toronto but later transitioned to the Diocese of Hamilton.

The first resident priest for the parish was Father Jeremiah Ryan in 1859 who stayed with the Parish for 17 years. It was Father Ryan that first established St. Mary’s school, the first separate school in Oakville.

In 1953, seating capacity in the parish was doubled, a new sanctuary was added and St. Mary’s school went from 2 classes to 6. In 1956, a new rectory was built and the old one was turned into a convent for the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

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