Confirmation is a sacrament where the Spirit of God is called upon to strengthen and guide the person being confirmed.  It helps us recognize that we need the support of God to live a good life, a life of integrity.  The sacrament serves as a remembrance that wherever we are, we can always call on the Spirit to support us. On Confirmation day, confirmandi receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Children who were baptized as infants will be confirmed during Grade Seven.  

In our parish schools, preparation is received through regular instruction time and additional resources through online portals and the parish.

Children in public and private schools who would like to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation, will receive instruction material from the parish for immediate preparation. Registrations for the sacrament of Confirmation will begin in January 2024

Date for Confirmation 2024`

May 4, 2024 :   Parish Program Confirmation at St. Andrew Church, Oakville  10.30 am.

May 4, 2024: St. Luke’s & St. Vincent’s School Confirmation at St. Andrew Church, Oakville 1:00PM

Mini Retreat and Practice  

May 1, 2024   St. Luke /St. Vincent Schools — 7:00 PM in the church

 June 8:  Parish Program 6:30PM in the Parish Centre

What happens at Confirmation. Please click here

Information Session Video Recap Feb 2023