Mass Intentions for April 2021

For the week of April 6th through April 10th, 2021

IntentionsRequested by
Tuesday:          12:05 pm
Seamus Thornton  †
Elsie Moniz  †

Bertriz Thornton
Debra & Denzil Noronha
Wednesday:      9:00 am
Intentions:  Jameel Mikho & Natali Shufani
Intentions:  Mary Charlene Gabriel
 Normie Normorosa
Carol Ann Tungate
Friday:               9:00 am
Wanda Lulewicz  †
Beata Lewkowicz
Saturday:           5:00 pm
Herman d’Souza  †
Mario Gerace  †
Marjorie Benson † 
Sarita Kaunds
Rose Gerace
Lynn McKenna

For the week of April 13th through April 17th, 2021

IntentionsRequested by
Tuesday:          12:05 pm
Joseph Amato  †
Philip Donofrio  †
Domenica Amato
Lorraine Armstong
Wednesday:       9:00 am
Tony Khouri  †
Maureen Keane  †
 Colleen Taylor
Pauline White
Friday:                9:00 am
Intentions:  Robert & Jacqueline Chang
Intentions:  Mae McLean

Colleen & Allan Taylor

Roy & Maureen Parry
Saturday:           5:00 pm
Dr. Andrew Burkhardt  †
Kam Kit Cheng  †
Madeline Ritchie  † 

Terry Murphy & Michael Johnson
James MacDonald
Odette & Maurice Archer