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From the Desk of the Pastor: February 27, 2021

February 27, 2021

Good morning everyone.

I hope that the sunshine and warm days of the past week have raised your spirits and given a hint of the spring that is soon to arrive.  It is the end of February and we are at the threshold of March where our Lenten discipline will relax a little to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and the Feast of St. Joseph two days later.  This year we must pay particular attention to this fest day as we are still early in the year that is dedicated to him.  Pancakes and maple syrup might be a good food choice to celebrate the day.  Or falafel and tabouli salad.

The One Heart, One Soul Campaign is up and running and hundreds of parishioners have begun to receive calls to participate in it and make a pledge.  The envelopes with the information and pledge cards have been delayed slightly by Canada Post because of COVID-19 related issues at their sorting stations.  Forty parishes in the diocese of Hamilton began the program with us and thousands of envelopes arrived at one time which needed a little more time to process.  This weekend at Mass I will take some time to outline the goal of the campaign for St. Andrew’s and recorded the message to stay on track and not be distracted (we all know that this is a good idea as I am easily led down avenues that are not on the map).  If you are not with us on the weekend or would like a sneak preview, it is here:

Adriana Rerecich is the chaplain at St Thomas Aquinas High School.  On Saturday mornings during Lent we record a short conversation for students and staff on a variety of topics that come up during the week.  Here is a sample of what happens.   Last week the question was about looking beyond what we are missing out on because of the pandemic and how the scriptures can help us.

This week we continue with Fr. Ron Rolheiser OMI meditation‘s that take us to Gethsemane and an opportunity to look inward to examine an aspect of our own journey as disciples of the Lord.  On our journey what do we miss as we walk along?  What is it that we don’t see or hear?  What have we missed while we were busy and distracted by other things?  Here in part two, he has a lovely reflection on the many ways we experience the ‘Resurrection’ in our lives.  The last half invites us to an examination of conscience like reflection that can keep us busy for the week.  The article is attached.

Since December we have only had one funeral in the parish.  Today however, we have two.  Bernice Rakoczy was just a few days shy of her ninety fifth birthday when she passed away early on Thursday morning.  She was a prodigious baker, CWL member and member of the Wednesday Friendship Group.  Her funeral is at 10.30 and we have another one at 3.00 pm. in the funeral home.  Gerry Tata our caretaker has been ill for two weeks and had surgery mid week.  Pease keep him in your prayers.  His sister assures us that he is on the road to recovery.

Mass for the weekend is found here:   Please check the website for the Stations of the Cross and other activities.

Finally, as we move towards the month of March and the first hints of spring, a musical treat in the form of a blessing.  Deep Peace, composed by Elaine Hagenberg is sung by the student choir of Brigham Young University.

Be well,

Fr. Con