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From the Desk of the Pastor: December Lockdown Update

Good morning everyone.

Sorry to barge in on the peace and quiet of St. Stephen’s Day with this note to update you on the impact of the province wide lockdown to curb the spread of the corona virus.  Mass on the weekend and weekday’s is suspended for four weeks. 

We had hoped that we could keep the church open for private prayer but were advised on Wednesday that this is not a good idea as the intent of this current lockdown is that we stay as close to home as possible. 

Mass for the weekend and for New Year will be available on our website after it is uploaded on Saturday evening (Thursday evening for New Year) and can be viewed at any time.

We are within the Octave of Christmas, so for the next seven days, we celebrate Christmas Day as one long day.  Despite the lockdown and its forced isolation, we can continue the celebrations of the good news of Christmas by finding our inner contemplative, rest, read a good book or go for a walk in the bracing air.  Please use the parking lot as a launching pad to walk Dingle Park (practicing social distancing is essential). 


Be well.

Fr. Con

A final word…….Deacon Richard had his cellphone with him on Christmas Morning and took this photo.  Amazing isn’t it?

Christmas Morning Snow at St. Andrews
A White Christmas: St. Andrew Church Christmas morning 2020